Production Management System - FOODPROCS-Lite

No operation mistake, consistent and guaranteed product quality 

  • Cloud computing technology and multi-languages support.
  • Hold down initial investment, immediately use.
  • No need server management, BCP measures included.
  • Globalization.

Warehouse Management System - StockM-Lite

Apply QR-Code to warehouse management to improve efficiency and minimize errors.

  • By scanning QR – CODE, the system will automatically calculate inventory in real-time.
  • Create delivery note and manage actual flow of goods follows FIFO method.
  • Support multi-language, be able to link with FOODPROCS-Lite system and other existing system of your company.

Pre-Admission Health Checking System - QUICK CHECKER

Automatically measure temperature, quickly access health status of employees in the factory.
  • Detect people with fever and alcohol
  • No need on-site checking
  • Significantly reduce cost of storage & retrieval
  • Get the number of employees in case of emergency

Quality Control Check System - QCiCheck

All QC checklists, reports, quality management statistics will be digitized into one system.

The QC data will be centrally managed and stored.