Systemize process of finished goods warehouse management

By scanning QR–CODE, the receipt and delivery process can be conducted easily.

♦ Manage inventory & location to each LOT unit, promptly tracking data in real-time.

Support multi-language, in mobile version.

System Details


  • Confirm the products correctly & promptly by scanning QR-Code label.
  • Accurately manage finished goods information in details by LOT unit, expiry date, etc.


  • Show warning message when the goods are incorrect.
  • Support to manage goods delivery by FIFO.
  • Correctly & Quickly calculate finished goods inventory.
  • Real-time storage data and traceability.


  • Limit errors and problems when entering data manually.
  • Quickly summarize the reports and promptly track data.
  • Easy to use and manage data with the actual time.
  • Support to share inventory data with relevant departments.


Finished Goods Warehouse Management Solution

Successful Implementation

  • July, 2020 – Applied the solution at a large-scale gum factory in Binh Duong, Vietnam
  • September, 2021 – Implemented for a large coffee production company in Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam
  • September, 2021 – Implemented for a Japanese large mayonnaise and dressing factory in Binh Duong 

Before Implementation

After Implementation

  1. By scanning QR-code, receipt and delivery can be conducted easily.
  2. Manage inventory and location to each product LOT unit.
  3. The system automatically proposes a list of goods to be exported first according to the FIFO rule.
  4. Trace data promptly when necessary.

StockM-Lite Now Available On Android Device

Customers' Feedback

  1. Members of TO Solutions Vietnam have always supported us enthusiastically before – during or after implementing the system.
  2. Every month, we have to trace products from 1 lot randomly. Before implementing, we had to spend many time to perform. However, after implementing the StockM-Lite, only takes a few minutes to get the required data.