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Jan 15th, 2014

100% Foreign investment (TO SOLUTIONS CO.,LTD)

Expand “Japan’s Know-how” into ASEAN

Corporate Philosophy

Words to remember: “The world is fairer than you imagine”

Toichiro Nakashima (Founder) was deeply impressed by the following words that he encountered in his younger days: “It may seem that the lazy and sly get ahead in the world. However, the world is actually a place where the people who strive in sincerity and earnestness are the winners in the long run.” He heeld the belief that “the world is fairer than you imagine.” when faced with difficulties, Toichiro would consider what was true and what was right, and always strove for orinality and ingenuity. Throughout his life he continued to show gratitude toward all those who helped him. These words inherited from Toichiro were included in the Kewpie Group corporate principles up to 1992.


General Director's Message

      TO SOLUTIONS CO., LTD is in charge of planning, structuring and operating information system for Kewpie Group. We cultivate, as well as take part in building a structure that can solve the problems that customers – mainly in food industry – often meet.

Inheriting the desire “Bring the most excellent products to customer” of Kewpie Company’ Founder Nakashima Toichiro , we are always ready to provide you with the solutions made from rich experience for over 100 years in producing and selling food products.

We, TO SOLUTIONS VIETNAM who share the same thought with  TO SOLUTIONS   and provide “Satisfaction”, “Impression”, “Value” for the ASEAN customers , as well as contribute to enhance food safety and reduce food loss.