Systemize process of finished goods warehouse management of Food Manufacturer
➢ By scanning QR – CODE, the system will automatically calculate inventory in real-time.
➢ Create delivery note and manage actual flow of goods follows FIFO method.
➢ Support multi-language, be able to link with Foodprocs-Lite system and other existing system of your company.

About system

Goods Receipt

  • By using 2D barcode, system can control receiving date and time,
    expired date, LOT number, tracking number, etc
  • Automatically calculate actual stock data

Goods Receipt

  • Prevent mistakes such as wrong goods, wrong LOT number, out of date
    product by showing warning message
  • Thoroughly implement the “First-in, first-out” method
  • Record data from operations to measure immediately inventory data

Goods Receipt

  • Support Stock-Taking by using QR code
  • Quickly and accurately manage inventory movement
  • Be able to link with Foodprocs-Lite system and Receiving System


Finished Goods Warehouse Management Solution

Successful Implementation

July, 2020, implemented to a large factory in Vietnam specializing in production of Gum.

Before Implementation

After Implementation

  1. Manage inventory in warehouse until LOT unit.
  2. Save and manage all of delivery history of each customer.
  3. NOT delivery “Waiting quality check” products to customer

Customer Feedback

  1. Every month, we have to trace products from 1 lot randomly (When was this lot manufactured? Which customers was this lot delivered to? When was this lot delivered?…) Before implementing this system, we had to spend many dates to perform this task. However, after implementing the system, only some minutes are spent to do this task.
  2. From when we first learned about the project to the point that the system is officially implemented, Sales team members have always supported us.